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Solve Your Big Wicked Hiring Problem

Right Seats, Right People is a nitty-gritty, power-packed guide written to help today’s business leaders hire true A-players. Jonathan D. Reynolds—CEO of Titus Talent Strategies—has spent a career in the people industry, and doesn’t just know that today’s hiring process is broken, but presents a proven, repeatable process for recruiting, onboarding, nurturing, and retaining top talent.

Advising against hiring for lateral moves, finding that person you just want to have a beer with, or only concerning yourself with the impact an individual can make on the bottom line, Reynolds assures leaders that they are doing it wrong, but that more importantly, it’s possible to do it right, and put bonafide A-players in every open seat within your organization.

Presenting a logic- and measurement-based process, Reynolds showcases the power of a hiring practice based on the whole person, a model he succinctly refers to as Head, Heart, and Briefcase. With the Briefcase, hiring managers gain an understanding of the candidates professional background, education, experience, skills, and career choices. The Heart paints a picture of their values and what motivates them—their “why”. And lastly, the head illuminates workplace tendencies, how they respond to pressure, how they learn, how they work within teams, and what can be expected of their behaviors in myriad working environments. By applying the same criteria to the open position within your organization, Reynolds’ system builds a holistic avatar of your ideal candidate so that you can get laser-focused on the right people for the right roles.

The ultimate hope of Right Seats, Right People, and Jonathan Reynolds’ work writ large is to equip you with the right strategies and mindset to transform your hiring process so that A-players come flooding through your doors, and you’re able to reduce turnover, augment your bottom line, and create and enviable environment of growth and impact. Don’t waste anymore time doing it wrong. Solve your big wicked hiring problem today.

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In chapter one, Jonathan D. Reynolds explains the big wicked hiring problem most companies deploy today. Discover how you’re doing it wrong and what solutions are available to help you bring in the A-players your business needs.

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