Group of young individuals at a conference

Give the People What They Want

There is a famous story of an employee who sees his boss’ brand new Ferrari and after admiring the vehicle the boss turned to the employee saying: “If you work really hard and hit all of targets then by the end of the next year, I can get another one of these…”

Your people want opportunities to do what they love, to make an impact and grow, and to do so in an environment that shares their values and gives them room to achieve something bigger than themselves.

Don’t create your company culture on bean bags and potlucks. Create your company culture by developing people and your competitor’s people will be very willing to jump ship and come join you. Most employees (55%) leave their organizations for growth and development.

If you want to attract the best people, you need to give them a vision to inspire them and an impactful career path to keep them.

A-players make moves very differently than B and C players. Let’s look at the exact reasons below.

  1. Growth. They are looking for a better growth trajectory. Growth means opportunity, responsibility, experience, and impact. The average time spent in a role by a Gen Z’er is 12-18months, and for a Millennial it is 2 years. Chances are they will be looking or receptive to new opportunities long before they eventually jump ship. Give them a reason to stay, something to look forward to. Help them imagine their future with you. Give them a better and achievable growth trajectory and it will be harder for them to leave.

Ask your employees these questions: What would it take for you to leave this company? What would another employer need to offer for you to consider leaving? It’s a bold and dangerous question but it will give you keen insight into what’s going on beneath the surface, and what you can do about it, and if you can, you should do something about it!

  1. On Day 1, A-players are looking for a bigger job than they’ve ever had before.

As you are attracting people to an organization, the big hook is not the job description, it’s the impact and the opportunity. The hook is communicating how you are going to grow and develop the candidate. You need to communicate that in 12-18 months that person is going to be better off and more employable for you, but also for other opportunities.

Create a culture of growth and development and openness of your team members so that not only do people want to join you, but your competitors want to steal your people. At Titus, we say “Fair game! If we are not treating them in a way that is honoring their skills, gifts, and talents, and developing and rewarding them, you have every right to take them. If it’s better for them, go for it.”

Retention is not about trapping or keeping your people, it is about inspiring them to work towards what’s next, with the goal being what’s next with your team.

We want to know that we are the best place for our people and that we are growing them, investing in them, developing them, and rewarding them handsomely because they are helping our company hit its goals and objectives.

  1. The last reason why A-players make career moves is for impact on the world around them. People have communities, friends, families, pursuits, and initiatives they value and things they are a part of. Work dances with those elements to create the big picture of an A-Players place – and the story they are writing – in the world around them. Money is a tool, and it isn’t the end goal.

We have a generation right now that is rising up and money is not number one. They want to know that their life counts. They want to know that their lives have meaning. If they are putting in 40-60 hours a week for your organization, they want to know that it has an impact on the world in a positive way. The work that they do         needs to have impact in either the small world around them, the global world, or their personal world. Is your company having a positive impact on them: allowing them to travel less, giving them the ability to be more present with family, etc. There needs to be impact happening both ways.

Organizations with a sense of mission and vision that look outward are attractive to people. If you can give someone a place that plays to their strengths, recognizes their value, and supports their pursuits you become very attractive. It may sound like a cliché but when spoken with sincerity and heart the term “we’re stronger when we’re together” rings true.

Growth. Stretch. Impact. That’s why A-players make career moves. So, think about your current employees. Start with your A-players. Are you providing these 3 elements for them right now? Because if not, they are about to leave.